Ages 5&6 (Pre-K & Kindergarten)

Our "First Taste" program is designed to grab a child's attention with song, art, drama, and games. By exposure to the aleph-bet, Torah tales, Jewish songs, and holiday studies, a child gains a sense of pride and love for the Hebrew language and Judaism. Our "Jewish Home" curriculum is sure to imbue a student's entire life with Jewish identity. 

1st Grade Class

Our first grade students learn the foundations of the Hebrew language with our acclaimed Aleph Champ motivational program, begin studying the Torah (portion by portion starting from Genesis), and prepare for each Jewish holiday. Interactive and age appropriate challenging lessons make the core values of our faith and basic Hebrew skills come alive. 

2nd Grade Class

Our second grade program offers a more advanced Hebrew and Judaic studies curriculum. In addition to the Aleph Champ motivational system and the celebration of Jewish Holidays, our specialized age-appropriate Torah curriculum takes the  students through the 2nd book of the Torah, the book of Shemot/Exodus in an interactive method. Additionally, the second graders advance with learning Hebrew writing skills.

3rd Grade Class

Our 3rd grade class enters the world of “becoming a better me” a specialized curriculum that travels through essential mitzvahs, Jewish ethics and values. Additionally, our students will continue to master the Aleph Champ Hebrew reading program and master writing and basic vocabulary.

4th Grade Class

Our 4th grade students delve into the world of Jewish Heroes: Meeting, understanding and relating to the many Jewish Heroes throughout our rich history. Students will continue Aleph Champ and upon mastering the reading program, will move on to prayer study.

5th & 6th Grade Class

Our 5th-6th graders will study “Jewish Lifecycles ”. This curriculum gives an appreciation for the who, what, and why of Jewish life and tradition. In addition, they will study the 5 books of the Torah in-depth, with a Grand Torah Bee at the conclusion of the year. At this age, Hebrew vocabulary and grammar (with the "Leshonainu” book series) are further developed.